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I didn’t love college for no reason. I didn’t love it simply because I was on my way to following my practical goals in life. I loved college mostly because while I was following an academic path, I was also afforded some kind of freedom that I never once was able to enjoy back in high school. There were lots of nights when we did a lot of crazy things, me and my roomie. We went for the campus scroll, did dares in different dorms. Right now, I look back to that and realize that I am actually willing to do anything just to get back to that time. While we all have to move on, I’m still rooting for the videos of Dare Dorm that never fail to make me reminisce how great those times were.


There are a lot of selling points to this pornographic resource really and the one major thing you should know is that they are a reality porn site. All of the contents they show through their database are not scripted, orchestrated or directed. It’s a bunch of college junkies trying to have fun, playing the betting game with girls from the other dorm spaces. Like I was able to before, there’s this guy who would win the bet and as a prize, he gets a blowjob from the girl and this girl doesn’t really mind because in the first place, it was her choice to lose. There are other variations too, sometimes they would do a friendly fuck, no strings attached, just the whole casual thing. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to win an orgy, you alone with all the girls in the dorm — your very own version of paradise.

If anything, the Dare Dorm discount is not massive simply because of the number of videos they get to produce. They are massive because of the kind of high class quality videos they constantly provide. Then again, these are submission videos and all the participants are paid for, making them luckier than most dudes out there. As of now, the site is the humble abode to over 700 real life porn videos. If you think you need a breather at work from time to time, download a vid from the database and make it your horny motivation.

Dare Dorm takes pride in the things it does to its database. With HD quality submission vids and authentic interactions, there is show much to discover from this magnificent piece of interactive art.